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Nick Wyshinski gives us 39 pages of information on formulating and compounding animal lures and baits. Having been a trapper his entire life, Wyshinski knows what he's talking about. He explores 1) Essential Oils, Powders, Crystals and other Scent Ingredients, 2) Animal Extracts, Secretions and Excretions, 3) Formulating and Compounding Lures, 4) Ten Prepared Bait Formulas, 5) The Use of Fixatives, 6) Tincturing Powders, Crystals and Paste, 7) Sun-Rendering Fish Oil, 8) Proper and Sensible Use of Attractors. Great for the do-it-yourselfer. Paperback, 39 pages.

Formulating and Compounding Animal Lures and Baits by Nick Wyshinski (book)

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